Relax. It's Christmas

Jingle Bells
Coffee sells
People love it so
It's not just for every day
It's a jolly gift as well

Here at Green Beanery, we're avoiding the crowds and taking it easy because we've got Christmas covered, one way or another; and we'd like to share our Christmas solution with you. It's a simple, three-part plan: (1) Give the gift of coffee; (2) Give a coffee-related gift; (3) Give something else that we also carry. Let's take a look around.

Currently, online and at our 565 Bloor St. West store, we have three book titles on offer for the more serious coffee connoisseur. Scott Rao, credited with shaping the current generation of baristas and roasters, shares some of his secrets in The Coffee Roaster's Companion: an oft-needed (relatively technical) guide for trade roasters and gung-ho hobbyists aspiring to lift their roasting game - you might also want to include unroasted bean samplers with this gift to gauge the results of your recipient's progress. Anette Moldvaer's Coffee Obsession, on the other hand, provides enthusiasts of all abilities with an attractive reference guide to bean varieties and their growing regions, as well as 130 step-by-step coffee recipes (pictured). World-champion barista James Hoffman follows suit with The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing: a comprehensive, illustrated conversation piece packed with insights into all facets of black gold fascination - from growing, processing, brewing, grinding and roasting, to a country-by-country breakdown of coffee characteristics.

For stocking stuffers, our $15 gift bags of roasted whole beans sporting festive bows (available in-store) may save lives come Christmas morning when extra wakey juice for guests and celebration is required. If stocking space is tight, stir sticks made of sustainable bamboo make a thoughtful inclusion for anyone on your list using glass coffee makers. And we've just added new gift cards for the season - order here to receive via email. Need a hostess gift? Our bow-tied whole bean gift bags will guarantee your welcome anywhere (provided a grinder is available at the other end); if not, Bodum's small herb pots provide a novel and useful contribution - order in advance of your event (you supply the greens to suit the occasion). If this year you're the host, but without the most of what you need, our Kitchen department online will ensure your table is one of plenty - see here for dishes, drinkware, ice buckets, serving options and more (and, of course, coffee mugs).

With all of the good health news surrounding regular coffee consumption at the moment, never has there been a better time to give the gift of caffeine infusion. Fresh roasted, quality beans are touted as the optimal ingredients required to maximize coffee's benefits, which are fast becoming too numerous to list (although we try here). Roasted on our premises, a day or two prior to shipment or collection in person, the following beans, all of them espresso blends, remain steadfast favourites: at #1, what could be more Christmassy than Espresso Sweet Santa, or celebratory than the traditional European-style flavour of Espresso Jubilee; other enduring loves include the earthy Indian Storm, mild Mello and intense No Guff. For a luxury gesture at a significantly higher price point, Jamaica Blue Mountain No. 1 "Flamstead Estate" is our most sought after "fancy bean," followed by the rich and buttery Hawaiian Kona Estate "Captain's Ohana Farm" and the somewhat new to us, Yunnan Old Seed, a premium coffee from China's Xinzhai Coffee Co-op in Yunnan Province.

For online customers, we're offering special package deals on Bodum French presses and espresso cups, see here for more details. Meanwhile, in-store at our Bloor St. West location, we've paired the Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker and a set of Bodum Pavina Espresso Cups for $25, as well as the Brazil Bodum French press and the Pavina cup set for $30. No clue what to give a young relative of drinking age? The affordability and capacity of French press coffee tends to hold the college and graduate crowd in thrall; see here for presses galore to score points with the millennials in your life.

To create a more grand impression - on family, partners or yourself - an immaculate espresso machine requiring minimal effort could well extend a festive mood for months to come. Browse our selection here and email us at with any questions you may have. We also keep several models on display at our Bloor St. West store for a closer look in person, including Saeco's Talea Ring and Talea Touch Plus. For a hands-on, semi-automatic recommendation for espresso and specialty drinks, look no further than the consistent value-for-money charm of the Gaggia Classic or the comparable, somewhat more durable Rancilio Silvia (in combination with Rancilio's grinding mate, the aptly named Rocky). For the home roaster, the Behmor 1600 Plus remains our go-to, entry-level model for new and intermediate users, and for more experienced roasters, Hottop's KN-8828B-2 - Color LCD Display Auto Coffee Roaster with Manual Control - K-probe  (pictured) is a popular choice.

Although grinders are a vital part of the overall coffee purchase - ideally, 50% of a budget that includes a low-end espresso machine (around $300) and 25% when the espresso machine is higher end ($1500+) - thankfully not all types of coffee require an investment grinder. Drip coffee, for instance, is fairly forgiving and if you're looking for a loud pop of fun in the morning and decent results, the Bodum Bistro Adjustable Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is just the ticket. It also serves as a visual cue for what the Christmas season is all about: noise, activity, colour, and sharing downtime with loved ones and beloved drinks (some of them hot). From us to you: Enjoy.

Christmas hours of operation for our 565 Bloor St. West location:

Dec 24 - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Dec 25 - Closed
Dec 26 - 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (expect in-store sales on discontinued items and display models)
Dec 31 - 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Jan 1 - Closed

Lisa Peryman
Lisa Peryman


Lisa Peryman has worked with Greenpeace Australia and The Wilderness Society (Australia). She studied journalism in New Zealand and book and magazine publishing in Canada. Her background includes reporting and editing for daily newspapers and trade magazines, as well as creative copywriting for broadcast. Lisa is continuing her studies in Canada and currently works with Probe International as an editor and writer. Earnings from Green Beanery operations support the work of Probe International, a Canadian charity that works with citizens' groups around the world to protect their lands and their livelihoods. Probe International is a Canadian trust.