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Ethiopian Sidamo GR2


About the bean

Sidamo is a popular coffee. A classic Sidamo offers notes of blueberry and dark chocolate and makes a pleasantly strong and tasty brew - it's typically a reliable cup. In fact, Sidamo is a real coffee buddy - this bean suits a variety of brew methods and works as a standalone bean or mixed into a blend (Sidamo contributes flavour and brightness). It's also a good pick for cold brew and espresso.


A lighter roast (American) produced a refreshing fragrance, a honey and brown sugar sweetness and a medium-high acidity. We were struck by how well balanced the cup was. At a darker roast (City), we again marveled at this. The result was still very juicy and pleasant with added body and a nut-chocolate aftertaste.  In our test group, even the tastebuds sensitive to a bright brew enjoyed this one. Stock up!

Quick Notes

Altitude: 1,550-2,200 masl.
Process: Washed
Appearance: Small to medium; greenish
Use: Often blended for gourmet or specialty coffee

Roast recommendation: Light to medium-dark. For an explanation of our different roasts, see:

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