Christmas is nearly upon us and, once again, you're here at our online store, thinking: "Can I give them coffee two years in a row? Who else can I give coffee to? Is coffee really all that of a gift?"

First of all, coffee is the best gift anyone has ever given or received, so no fear there. And, yes; you can give coffee to everyone you know who favours it but it is preferable to not repeat yourself from one year to the next.

But don't worry. At Green Beanery, we're more than just coffee: we're also coffee equipment and coffee accessories, as well as a number of other things entirely unrelated to coffee, which is all to your good at this crunch time of year. So put away your panic. We've got you covered and covered well, my dears.

Please step this way, and let's begin.

If you're ordering online, the best thing you can do at this point, to ensure timely delivery, is a gift card. We've got scads of electronic gift cards, including Christmas and Hanukkah cards, as well as gift cards that will do nicely for sending best wishes for the New Year's. Make a jump start on other occasions too with our Chinese New Year's and back-to-school selection, and, for those brave enough to be moving house in winter, give them our housewarming and coffee-to-the-rescue gift card options.

If you're able to order online and pick-up in-store, here are some ideas that are sure to please. A number-one pleaser would have to be the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. To be sure, it's an odd, rather plain-looking gob of plastic (that is BPA and phthalates free, mind, and made of food-safe copolyester), but, nevertheless a gob of plastic few will comprehend the wonder of based on looks alone. Yet, a wonder the AeroPress is, day in and day out, no exaggeration. This will change your morning coffee routine forever - it's fast, it couldn't be easier to clean, it's versatile, durable and the coffee is so damn good; for $39.95, this little cracker will make you believe in the magic of Christmas again. True story: I gave this to someone, very fussy, last February and they're still, nearly a year later, telling me how much joy it brings them and I have to admit: I may never top a gift like the AeroPress.

It's hard to make something as thrillingly simple as the Aeropress better but they did by ensuring you need never be without it with the AeroPress Coffee Travel Kit, which is basically the Aeropress and a tote bag, and for more dollars, includes a Hario mini hand-grinder. Camping, cottages, conferences, hotels, work ... regardless of your location, the Aeropress is good to go.

With all the palaver about artisanal Third Wave coffeehouse culture, it's hard not to feel swayed by all the frou-frou and crave some of that cool cafe chic for yourself at home. Certainly, for coffee lovers, some of these accoutrements make for lovely and useful gift ideas. One such item is the Hario Buono Stainless Steel Kettle - with its sleek beehive design and gooseneck spout, the Buono is beloved by serious baristas and home-users alike for its reliable, precision pour and is something of a must-have for anyone attempting the pour-over method of coffee brewing. Take it up a notch with the Bonavita 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle BV382510V - the extra finger grip and steady water stream is a real bonus for the novice to pour-over and the 60-minute heat-and-hold and real-time temperature display works beautifully for any hot beverage.

Like the Hario kettle, the Chemex pourover coffeemaker is another timeless statement piece that is both lovely to look at and lovely to use, and easy on the wallet. The classic Chemex has been restored to a place of adulation by third wave coffee connoisseurs for its function and beauty: so iconic is its hourglass design fastened with a wood collar and tie, it remains on permanent display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Choose your size preference from our selection here. For the coffee lover who has everything, you might want to consider the divine Chemex Hand Blown Glass Stovetop Water Kettle or, better still, the mouthwatering Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Brewer, which unbelievably automates the entire art of pour over without the bother.

Keeping with a more lavish theme, the ROK espresso maker is a uniquely graceful design that is sure to win a gasp once opened (check out the neat-o reusable metal container it comes in). Described as an "AeroPress on steroids," the ROK (in a different incarnation, known as the Presso) is touted as one of the best espresso makers for under $500 - it also comes in black, red and copper (which is the one I want, Santa). A "Green Heroes" design winner, it doesn't use electricity either, so it's eco-friendly to boot. But it does require hand power and a good grinder for optimal success, which is why they made the companion ROK manual coffee grinder - a looker like the espresso maker, that takes less than half the revolutions of a standard manual grinder and around only 30 seconds to grind a double espresso, the same time as it would using an electric model.

Another coffee grinder that has been making waves for us this year is the Baratza Sette 270. The coffee geeks in your life will love this one - awarded the 2016 Best New Product by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Sette 270 has been getting "game-changer" raves all over and the raves are deserved: expect superior speed (this is a burr grinder that moves fast) with an excellent, even grind and speeds of 3.5g/sec for espresso and 5.5g/sec for filter coffee, a light body at 7 lbs, nearly zero grinds retention and easy clean-up. One reviewer compared the release of this model to Apple unveiling their newest iPhone. It's that big of a deal.

For something a lot more budget friendly, the reusable KeepCup makes for a very thoughtful present for both the environment and someone who loves their brew with a pop of colour. At our store on the corner of Bathurst and Bloor, we keep a range of these cups on display, as well as gift sets ready made-up with coffee or tea and an assortment of little delights that make for attractive stocking stuffers. Stop by for a browse and take a moment to retreat from the madness with a treat from the menu and a seat beside our Christmas tree.

Because the weather outside is frightful

But our store is so delightful

And since you hate going out in the storm

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow




June — that magical time of long days and late sunsets, lush foliage and blooming spirits — has long been one of the most popular months of the year for weddings. For those of you with weddings to plan, why not make your day more memorable with a theme? And what theme could be more memorable than coffee?

Well, some things obviously: ceremonies performed in underwater cages surrounded by sharks, wedding parties painted green decked out in Shrek costumes, even stark naked, or couples strapped to the wings of planes for their I Do's are hard to top. Coffee is the sensible choice and a doddle to arrange by comparison.

Interest is definitely on the rise. Examples online of people who have pulled off coffee-themed weddings with elegance and flair is impressive. Ideas abound on Pinterest and Etsy. What's noticeable right away is how decorative coffee beans are and how variously they can be put to use: such as this bean laden, ring-bearing basket [pictured], which is so attractive it almost isn't peculiar.

What also isn't odd is a coffee bar — something all wedding receptions need to both fuel the festivities and contain the overly festive. Although servers and brewers that accommodate large events are often supplied by caterers or the venue itself [see here for what these options tend to look like], more intimate gatherings can incline to the imaginative and set tables in lovely ways with banners, condiment trays, servers, novelty mugs and/or disposable cups with DIY customized sleeves [see below].


Coffee-themed weddings or coffee-elevated weddings have become something of a thing with the rise of the budget-conscious DIY movement and the availability of resources via content-sharing online communities. Third Wave coffee culture with its emphasis on artisanal craft is also driving enthusiasm and, as you might expect, coffee industry professionals, who happen to fall in love with one another, are more likely to see the beloved beverage as matchmaker and one deserving of pride of place at their nuptials.

A case in point would be Drew Moody, founder of A Table in the Corner of the Cafe, who celebrated a love of the brew with his industry partner Ashley at their "the whole wedding was coffee-themed" event, complete with table cloths made from burlap (the sacks coffee beans are stored and transported in), antique brewers and hand grinders found at flea markets used as flower vases, bean-filled candle holders as table centerpieces and beans as wedding favours. Drew's blog on "Planning Your Coffee Themed Wedding" bounces with suggestions for amping up the coffee aspect of your big day, including links to other blogs for making coffee-themed invitations and ways to use burlap at your own wedding.

Just as coffee varieties are bountiful, so are suggestions for coffee-themed creativity: such as adding chalkboards with personalized messages and vintage coffee tins and cards for a coffeehouse vibe, mismatched mugs arranged artfully as a photo booth backdrop, liquor-like coffee shots and more [see: 14 Buzz-Worthy Wedding Ideas for Coffee Lovers and 7 Things Every Wedding Coffee Bar Needs to Have]. In fact, coffee as a style element is adorable! This inspiration for pour-over lovers [pictured] is both a clever and cute setup for a small ceremony [see here for pour-over specific cones, servers and kettles]. And of course many of these suggestions can be recycled for birthdays, housewarmings and celebrations of all sorts — including bridal showers and bachelor parties.

For food ideas, stop by the Green Beanery store and cafe at Bathurst and Bloor. Along with a range of coffee beverages, we serve cappuccino tartufo and crepes with coffee ice-cream. Continue to Pinterest and Yummly to browse recipes for similarly themed desserts and mocktails.

Although we don't offer a catering service as yet, we may be able to assist your event with an espresso/cappuccino station. Contact us directly with details of your requirements.

We do carry a small stash of stale beans that can be purchased for use as decoration. Do not go this route for wedding favours for your guests though! For that, you will need quality, fresh beans. Contact us here for suggestions.

Not that far along yet? For product recommendations that pop the question for you, see Marriage Proposal Ideas for Coffee Lovers.

As if we'd forget the music! Joe's Playlist is a collection of coffee-themed songs, so extensive it required its own blog: continue to Joe's Playlist.