Roasted - Classic Sampler


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The Green Beanery Classic Sampler combines beans that share similar characteristics - sweetness and a good body - but each with their own unique differences.

All of these beans suit the spectrum of roast profiles we offer. A City or Full City roast are the sweet spot for a perfect morning coffee.

You will find included:

Guatemala Antigua - this sweet bean produces a well-balanced cup with fruity notes. If you find African beans too bright (acidic) but want the fruity and floral notes they offer, this is a great alternative.

Brazil Natural - caramel underlay and some fruity flair, pleasant body and a nutty finish.

Mexican HG EP - makes a well balanced and sweet cup.

Colombian Supremo - one of the most popular coffees in the world for a reason; the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Our bean samplers are roasted according to the recommended roast profile of each bean included in this sampler offer. See below.

Recommended roast profiles:

Guatemala Antigua - American roast
Brazil Natural - City roast
Mexico - Full City roast
Colombian Supremo - City roast

For more information about our roast profiles, see here:

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