Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter 


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For cold-brew tea and infusions

Enjoy a new dimension of tea with the Hario Tea filter for cold brew tea and fruit-flavoured infusions. Gorgeous and durable.

Simply combine water and tea leaves (and other ingredients of choice, such as fruit) in your pitcher before bed. Refrigerate overnight and serve the next morning. 

Cold brewing tea draws out amino acids to produce sweet flavours, and extracts vitamin C without breaking it down. Green, black and herbal teas can be cold brewed. Read the instructions included with your pitcher before using.

Holds a generous capacity of 900ml

Dimensions: 91 W x 80 D x 265 H mm

Fits conveniently in a refrigerator door.

Made of borosilicate glass, the pitcher is dishwasher safe.

Lid, Filter/Stainless steel
Packing/Silicone rubber
Borosilicate glass Pitcher/Heatproof glass

Type: Cold Brew

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