Unroasted - Honduras SHG Marcala Fair Trade Organic


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About the bean

This is a bean we typically bring in for summer so our associations with the Marcala tend to reflect the warmer months and, at this point, our longing for their return.

Our current batch of Marcala FTO is sourced from the Pacayal Coffee Cooperative in Chinacla La Paz where coffee is the main activity. Known for its high-quality offerings, Pacayal is comprised of more than 150 small producers (40% of whom are women).

Over the years, Coffee of the Week subscribers have given the Marcala FTO their thumbs up for a cup long on sweet, flavorful pleasantness. Like the sun, light is the best way to savour this summery reminder (as in light roast).

Mmm. Honduras.

Quick Notes

Region: Marcala, Honduras
Process: Washed Arabica
Certification: Fair Trade Organic
Drying Method: Sun and mechanically dried
Altitude: 1,350-1,700 masl.
EP: (European Prep) Indicates the coffee has undergone rigorous sorting - usually by hand to ensure defective beans and foreign material have been removed.
SHB: (Strictly Hard Bean) High grown, usually denser and higher quality than a Hard Bean (HB) or High Grown (HG). These beans are grown above 1,200 masl. (metres above sea level).

Taste Test

At a light (American) roast, the Marcala produced a bright and syrupy brew buoyed by notes of honey, berry and stone fruit. A clean and sweet cup. Lighter roast profiles are where this bean shines. A good, go-to daily coffee indeed.

At a darker City+ roast, the Marcala gave us an enjoyable intensity. A nice pick for flavour and brightness. 

Roast recommendation: Embrace the light(er)! For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.

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