Unroasted - Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry "Flamstead Estate"


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Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world due to an outstanding pedigree: a single source of origin gourmet offering, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown only at high elevations by small family-run plantations. Coffee grown at a higher altitude is considered finer and ranks as the preference of choice among connoisseurs. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the world’s highest mountain-grown coffee, hence its prestige and value.

Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, these first-class beans come from a recognized growing source in the Blue Mountain region. For more information about our supplier, please see: Blue Mountain Coffee Venture Limited.

What is the difference between Jamaica Blue Mountain No.1 and No. 2 and Peaberry "Flamstead Estate" beans?
No. 1 is the highest quality offering of the three, then No. 2, followed by Peaberry.

Species: Coffea arabica
Processing: Wet-processed
Grade: Grade 1
Crop: 2017
Colour: A distinct blue-green
Appearance: Screen size 17/18, moisture 10-12.5%
Acidity: Medium to good
Body: Medium
Balance: Extremely so
Flavour: Clean, mild, good to intense aroma
Roast recommendation: City to Full City Roast. Leave the coffee to rest for two days.

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