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Solar Automatic Coffee Roaster


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The Solar is an advanced, fully automated self-roasting system designed to deliver the results of a master roaster with maximum ease of use. No complicated maintenance, cleaning or service is required.

Solar ease: Years of research and development gave rise to the Solar Automatic Coffee Roaster, designed from the inside out to respond to market demands, restrictions and technological challenges that other coffee roasters had yet to resolve. Use of the Solar is not limited to experienced users either. The Solar has been developed to excel across a range of scenarios, from users new to roasting, to small commercial and boutique roasters, as well as coffee chains in need of a primary machine or an extra roaster to cope with output. When it comes to operating a Solar: if you can press a button, you're good to go! All parts that require periodical cleaning, such as the chaff collector, are attached with thumb nuts for quick and easy release.

Solar edge: The Solar combines the best of two different methods of roasting: air bed roasting and rotating drum roasting. Using four different ways of conducting and radiating heat, the Solar provides an individual "thermal treatment" for a variety of bean types during the roasting process, regardless of size, density or humidity. Accurate, dual-temperature monitoring combined with the Solar's smart management software allows users to modify roasts as desired, and store multiple roasting profiles. The automatic roasting profile utilizes a unique roasting technology that mimics the artisan method of roasting favoured by roast masters to ensure consistency, aroma and flavour. Change roasting profiles at the press of a button. The Solar's superior technology also makes common flaws a thing of the past, such as burnt spots due to excessive conducted heat. Intelligent drum design affords coffee beans a greater contact area with the drum, perforated for improved grip and agitation.

Solar strength: The Solar is built on a foundation of quality components, a heavy gauge steel body and superb manufacturing standards. The Solar was made to serve you over the long run and to free you from the hassle of routine maintenance, complex set-up and operation. The unit's small footprint is suitable for limited work spaces. Its exact dimensions are: 57.5 (W) x 76 (D) x 73.5 (H) cm / 22.5 (W) x 30 (D) x 29 (H) inches. Weight: 45 Kg (99 LBs).

Solar, spice and nuts: A coffee roaster, the Solar automatic self-roaster can also be used for spice and nut roasting. The type of spice or nut suited for a Solar roast: a rigid granulate no smaller than coffee beans, no larger than nutmeg. Note: Size and strength do matter. Do not roast small spices and nuts such as sesame or fragile items such as bay leaves.

The Goods

Batch capacity 4.4 lbs / 2 Kg
Roasting cycle 16-18 minutes for a 2 Kg full capacity batch
Electrical specifications 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3200 Watt single phase
Heating source Electrical; specially made high-temperature metal infrared heating elements: (3X1000 Watt).
Heating method Infrared radiation, convective air, conduction, thermo-siphoned heat.
Roasting method Rotating drum with limited fluid bed.
Cooling Cooling in-drum and outer cooling group.
Process quality control Large Pyrex lens for easy monitoring of roasting progress.Digital, double temperature controller for heat control allows you to determine the temperature range for roasting.
Chaff collector type Detachable, 100% efficient Centrifugal Cyclone. Made of welded heavy-gauge steel, with quick release thumb nuts for easy cleaning.
Exhaust Single duct, 4" standard diameter. Machine's exhaust is attached with quick release thumb nuts for easy cleaning.
Maintenance Emptying and periodical cleaning of chaff collector and exhaust tubing only. Chaff blower does not require any cleaning.
Materials 100% metal structure
Quality and safety compliance CE, EMC, RoHS
Noise level Remarkably silent.
Motor Direct drive, heavy-duty gear motor 1/8 HP, AC

Note: All roasters run the risk of fire hazard. For this reason, take care never to leave your roaster unattended, when in use.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor through Green Beanery. During the warranty period, Green Beanery will repair and replace parts, or issue a store credit for the balance of the warranty period. This coverage does not extend to accessories or to those parts that are subject to normal wear and tear, such as gaskets, filters and the unit's heating element.

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