Matcha Uji (40g)


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Based in Toronto, Genuine Tea imports teas directly from the source. The ingredients come from farmers whom they've met, suppliers they've shared laughs with over dinner, and tea masters who have educated them for countless hours about their passion for crafting teas. The teas in this collection exhibit some of the most complex, varied and eclectic flavours you will find in tea.


Matcha Uji:

This is a ceremonial grade, summer harvest Matcha from the finest tea growing region of Uji, Kyoto. Matcha is very easy to make. Essentially, you can add it to anything. Traditionalists would whisk our Matcha Uji with hot water and drink it as a tea. However, you can also make it as a latte, put it in smoothies or add it to baked goods - your imagination is the limit. 

Type: Tea

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