Cashless Cafe

On Monday, June 3, our café-roastery, at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor streets, will begin its journey to become a cashless establishment.

Green Beanery is working on a considered and considerate transition, including alternatives for cash-only customers. We believe a cashless cafe will benefit both customers and the cafe but we want to ensure we move forward inclusively. Stay tuned.

Like the country at large, most of our customers already use debit and credit cards and, increasingly, tap technology to pay for their purchases and services from us. Canada is reported to be #1 in the world for embracing cashless technology, followed by Sweden (Sweden hopes to become the world’s first cashless country by 2023). We have decided to join the future, now.

What are the benefits?


First and foremost, you are freed of the need to carry cash – no more counting change and there is less risk of losing everything if your wallet is stolen or lost. The risks of keeping cash on our premises and handling cash makes us less interesting to thieves, which in turn improves safety for everyone. Concerned about privacy? MasterCard, Visa and others offer prepaid cards which can be used for anonymous, cash-like digital payments. We also carry Green Beanery gift cards which can be used in-store.


With less time spent on counting cash, we can turn our attention to you, our customers, who will also enjoy the convenience and efficiency that cashless technology affords: less time in line-up and no mistakes in giving change. The increased use of tap-to-pay services like Apple Pay will make the hassle and risk of passwords and pins a thing of the past.


Our kitchen is where we serve customers and fulfill orders. Coin and paper currency is germ friendly.

Thank you for joining us as we take this step. Questions? Please forward them to our help desk at

Did you know? It’s OK to use your credit or debit cards for small purchases. We don't mind. In fact, we love it! There’s no fee charged by us or your credit card provider for doing so.