Green Beanery: Like nothing else on this planet

At the Green Beanery flagship store in the Annex, a cup of coffee can cost less than $2, or more than $20 if you select one of the exotic beans on offer. Or anything in between, depending on the bean and the way we brew it for you.
We offer over 100 different coffees, all roasted on site to guarantee freshness. Choose your preferred brewing method: pour over, espresso, French press, or syphon.

Spanish Coffee, Irish Coffee and other alcoholic coffee cocktails are on offer, as are beers, wines and various spirits. As are our popular fountain drinks, among them milk shakes, smoothies and slushies.

We’re more than coffee and liquid refreshments, though – luscious sandwiches, crepes, baked goods, and ice creams are on offer, too, in our century-old former bank building. If its light-filled interior looks familiar, there’s an explanation – our café-roastery is a favorite for film crews needing an inspired setting.

It's also a favorite for those seeking small luxuries in an uplifting setting. The printed word finds respect at Green Beanery -- our newspaper rack each morning stocks the New York Times and the Guardian as well as Toronto dailies. At Green Beanery, the salon, too, enjoys a revival. On the second and last Tuesday evening of each month, we host Grounds for Thought, engaging discussions by public intellectuals, typically on provocative subjects of the day.

To sate the body as well as the mind, Green Beanery sells green and roasted beans, and a selection of home coffee equipment and accessories that will amaze. Browse through our collections whenever you come by.

Additionally, we have converted the bank building's vault into a private conference room which is now available for rent for business meetings and presentations.

100% of the profits from Green Beanery’s operations support the work of Probe International, a Canadian charity that works for the betterment of the global environment and the peoples of the Third World.

Click here for our current offerings, which includes a vegan menu and a list of our alcoholic beverages.

Our Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 8 AM - 10 PM
Sunday: 9 AM - 9 PM