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To give you an idea of what we charge for coffee, below is a list of our full selection of unroasted coffee beans in a 1 lb capacity. To shop our unroasted beans selection in all sizes, see here. To shop our roasted beans selection in all sizes, see here.

Unroasted green beans - 1 lb – price list as of 24.05.19

Prices can vary from the prices listed here subject to market fluctuations.
Samplers come in 2 lb capacities and are included on this list.


AA Usually denotes the largest and most expensive (though not necessarily the best tasting) screen size.

AB Next screen size down from AA grade, 15-16 screen.

Acidity – Acidity in coffee results in a brightness of flavour. Often, the most sought-after coffees are grown at high elevation and are characterized by their bright, nuanced qualities.

Arabica – A species of Coffea originally indigenous to the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Also: coffee or coffee beans from the most widely grown coffee plant.

Brightness – Acidity.

EP (European Prep) Indicates the coffee has undergone rigorous sorting - usually by hand to ensure defective beans and foreign material have been removed.

FC (Fine Cup) Indicates specialty grade coffee.

The Mountain Water decaffeination process involves the immersion of green beans in water from the glaciers of Mexico's highest mountain to extract the caffeine. The water holds the soluble components of the bean to ensure the flavour is not lost. The result is coffee that is 99.99% caffeine-free. The original flavour, aroma, brightness and body are kept intact.

Masl. Metres above sea level.

MCM A grading system associated with Peru. Most coffee from Peru is either an MCM / Grade 2 category, or MC / Grade 3 category. These coffees offer a medium acidity and body with a pleasant and clean flavour. Grade 1 is the highest quality on this scale, distinguished by a very good acidity and body with a lovely aroma.

MTGB (Medium to Good Bean) Specifies a 15 (medium) to 16 (good) screen size.

Peaberry – Peaberries occur when the coffee fruit develops a single oval bean rather than the usual pair of flat-sided beans. The round peaberries are then separated from the flatter beans in the same crop. Some connoisseurs believe peaberries offer a superior flavour, since two beans have been “concentrated” into one; they’re often believed to be brighter tasting and lighter-bodied than normal beans grown in the same conditions. Some roasters prefer peaberries because, with no flat side, they move more consistently, preventing burning.

Robusta – From the Coffea canephora plant, a sturdy species of coffee bean with low acidity and high bitterness. Often used in the manufacture of instant coffee.

SC 17/18 – Screens are used to sort and grade beans by size; 17/18 is a very good screen size and indicates a more consistent flavour without the pungent fruit notes more common in beans with smaller screen sizes (an indication of varying bean maturity).

SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) High grown, usually denser and higher quality than a Hard Bean (HB) or High Grown (HG). These beans are grown above 1,200 masl. (metres above sea level).

SHG (Strictly High Grown) Same as SHB.

SS (Strictly Soft) Grown at relatively low altitudes.

Swiss Water Process (SWP) A 100% chemical-free coffee decaffeination process.

The regions we source from and other categories we offer

Africa, Caribbean, China, Central and South America, North America, Melanesia, Polynesia, India and Indonesia, as well as House Espresso Blends and Unroasted Coffee Bean Samplers.


Ethiopian Kochere $16.70

A delicate body and a sweet aftertaste. Such a pleasing coffee.

Ethiopian Djimmah GR5 $6.15

Sweet and fruity with berry notes; long aftertaste; carries the slight earthiness common to natural coffees. Good for: Espresso, plunger, drip or siphon coffee. A light to medium roast brings out the Djimmah's subtleties.

Ethiopian Harrar GR4 $15.44

Medium acidity, full body and an oh-so distinctive deep mocca flavour. Because it produces a foamy "tigretto" type cream, Ethiopian coffee growers now recommend this one for espresso coffee. Some blend it for the wild and fruity acidity it brings. Roast light to medium.

Ethiopian Lekempti $6.90

A full-bodied offering with a slight tobacco taste and a wild berry lift. If blending, the Lekempti provides the body and should be mixed with beans that can bring the sweetness. As a standalone, the cup offers a rustic enjoyment, somewhat intense with a strong flavour character typical of natural Ethiopians. French press is the best option for the Lekempti. Filtered also works. Not typically an espresso pick. City+ to Full City to Vienna.

Ethiopian Sidamo GR2 $16.38

Grown at a high altitude, the Sidamo offers a deep, fruity, smooth flavour. Medium to Full City roast.

Ethiopian Sidamo GR2 Fair Trade Organic $15.00

A mildly acidic taste, thick body with a slightly fruity, earthy flavour and a hint of spiciness. To accentuate its finer notes, a medium to Full City roast is recommended.

Ethiopian Sidamo GR2 Swiss Water Process DECAF $16.50

A deep, fruity, smooth flavour

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe GR2 $16.70

Widely recognized as one of the world's most exquisite coffees. Many compare its rich flavour to that of burgundy wines. Roast medium to enjoy the Yirgacheffe’s subtleties. Consider blending to add nuance to other coffees. When roasted dark, the Yirgacheffe becomes sharply pungent but very thin, bereft of all its flowery and fruity notes.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic GR2 $16.65

As above but certified Fair Trade Organic.

Kenya AA FAQ $16.65

A very bright and well balanced cup with the Kenyan signature note of berry, as well as underlays of spice and lemon. Medium to dark. AA is the highest grade given based on a screening process that sorts beans primarily by size (the larger the bean, the better it is). FAQ stands for Fair Average Quality and is a class system used by the Coffee Board of Kenya to rate the quality of the bean.

Kenya AB FAQ $13.65

As above.

Tanzania AA $8.40

A good appearance with a screen size of 17. A full body with a light citrus acidity, intense flavour and an excellent aroma; long aftertaste. City+ to Full City+, but can be roasted darker. Vienna is a fine option, too. Good for espresso at a darker roast level.

Tanzanian Peaberry $9.61

Roast darker, to capitalize on this bean's intense flavour. Note: This bean requires much less roasting time than others to reach its rich darkness.

Yemen Abu Al-Wudiyyan $41.28

The Yemen Abu Al-Wudiyyan offers a strong, complex and well-balanced cup. A uniquely good coffee. Earthy to the taste - notes of blackberry, spice and pepper. Medium-low acidity. A smoky, earthy aftertaste. Recommended for espresso and filtered coffee. Reminds some of Hawaiian Kona coffee.

Yemen Mokha Grade A $36.15

Yemen was the first country in the world to plant coffee and its tiny port of Mokha, on the Red Sea, was the first port to export coffee to a global market. Mokha is a name associated with the best coffee has to offer. Yemeni coffee, organically grown for more than 200 years, is considered among the best of the best owing to the strength of its aroma.


Cuban Altura Lavado $18.00

A nice, clean cup with a subdued body and acidity. The lingering notes are nutty and chocolatey, the latter in particular. Enjoy served as an espresso or in a French press for optimum flavour. This pick works well blended, too - perhaps with a Colombian for sweetness and a Kenyan for zest. A City to almost Full City roast. Best not too dark or too light.

Cuban Serrano Superior $11.10

This one makes a fantastic traditional breakfast cup! Smooth and buttery, a mild fruity acidity with a mellow finish. Medium roast (City to Full City+).

Jamaica Blue Mountain No.1 "Flamstead Estate" $85.68

Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, these first-class beans come from a recognized growing source in the Blue Mountain region. For more information about our supplier, see: Blue Mountain Coffee Venture Limited. Clean, mild, fairly good to intense aroma. City to Full City Roast. Leave the coffee to rest for two days. No. 1 is the highest quality offering of the three, then No. 2, followed by Peaberry.

Jamaica Blue Mountain No.2 "Flamstead Estate" $78.60

As above.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry "Flamstead Estate"$78.60

As above.

Central and South America

Brazil SC 17/18 SS FC Swiss Water Process DECAF $14.33

Medium body, chocolate and nut notes. Good for both drip and espresso.

Brazilian Cerrado 2/3 SC 17/18 SS FC $6.15

Smooth, sweet taste, good for espresso (lots of crema and body). City to Full City. (Soft bean, will roast quickly).

Brazilian Peaberry $9.77

A fine citrus acidity, nutty, chocolate characteristics, a good body and a very clean aftertaste. City to Full City.

Brazilian Planalto $8.85
An aromatic cup with a rich and velvety body underlaid with fruit and nut notes. 

Brazilian Santos 2/3 SC 17/18 SS $7.09

A medium-toned acidity that's somewhat reminiscent of tobacco/spice on first taste, but gives way to more caramelly notes. This is definitely a sweet bean, and makes a good base for espresso. City to Full City (soft bean, will roast quickly).

Colombian Excelso $12.29

Slight hazelnut taste, a sharp aroma. A classic coffee perfect for drinking at any time of the day or evening. City to Full City (City to City+ might initially seem bright, but as the cup cools, it takes on a darker character. Keep the roast lighter, perhaps venturing to Full City).

Colombian Fair Trade Organic $14.81

A lightly fruited sweetness (golden raisin in light roasts) is the primary attribute in this bean's dry fragrance, with milk chocolate appearing as the roast level nears Full City. The wet aroma is dominated by fruits as well, but there is a neat, toasty malt-o-meal hot cereal scent in the light roast, somewhat buttery too. City to City+, with a lighter roast preferred. Darker roasts proffer a more bitter quality that, overlaid on the fruit, doesn’t work so well.

Colombian Supremo SC 17/18 $11.66

Clean, bright, a slight hazelnut taste, a sharp aroma. City to Full City (City to City + roast might initially seem bright, but as the cup cools, it takes on a darker character. Keep the roast lighter, perhaps venturing to Full City).

Colombian Supremo SC 17/18 Swiss Water Process DECAF $16.07

Opt for a lighter roast.

(Honey processed) Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic $22.20

All the rage in Costa Rica and spreading throughout Central America, honey processing is the middle ground between washed processing and natural/dry processing: the cherry peel is removed but some amount of the sticky, honey-like mucilage remains while the beans dry. Honey-processed beans are assigned a colour to indicate the amount of light the bean is exposed to during drying. These particular beans are “red honey,” meaning they dried for 2-3 weeks in the shade or on overcast days. The advantage for farmers of coffee processed this way: lower risk of mold and over-fermentation and a shorter dry time. For us: an intensely sweet coffee with more character than other Central American varietals. Expect to be intrigued – complex flavours; a refreshing and sweet cup. Roasting this one can be tricky: at a medium-dark, these beans look like a decaf coffee! Best to go with a dark roast for a more uniform result.

Costa Rican Swiss Water Process DECAF $13.95

This all-natural process leaves the coffee with its fresh, sweet aroma, snappy acidity, medium body and sharp, fruity flavour. Roast dark.

Costa Rican Tarrazu $15.91

A wonderful morning brew – delicate, clean aftertaste with rich chocolate and nutty undertones. Medium to dark roast. This coffee is highly dependent on the roast. A lighter roast will bring out a milk-chocolate brightness with some berry overtones, while a darker roast tends to accentuate a bittersweet chocolate with a slight winey finish.

Costa Rican Tarrazu Fair Trade $9.60

Highly aromatic coffee with a good deal of fruity complexity; spice mid-tones and a roasted hazelnut underlay. Roast recommendation: Sweet cinnamon/clove apple for a City Roast. Spice tones dominate at Full City. Not recommended for darker roasts.

Guatemala Antigua $11.34

A bright, smooth cup, enhanced by a chocolate note, it can be mistaken for Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Generally roasted dark to bring out its rich chocolate tones. Because it has such good body, acidity, and aroma, roasting houses typically sell it as is, rather than in a blend.

Guatemala SHB EP $12.44

A great coffee! A good body, bright acidity and a slight fruit note with a long finish. Roast dark brown, in between a City and Full City roast for a rich chocolatey mouthfeel, but not so much as to lose acidity and sweetness.

Guatemala SHG Fair Trade Organic Mayacert $12.29

A medium to heavy body with a lovely aroma and a complex acidity. This is a certified organic, shade-grown coffee.

Honduras SHG EP $15.59

A light, slightly thin coffee, sweet and delicate. You will want to roast this one a bit higher than most (dark is fine) to ensure the chocolatey, robust notes are maximized.

Honduras SHG Marcala Fair Trade Organic $10.71

A nice, spicy aroma with soft citrus notes. The flavour is mild and buttery with nutty tones, herbal tints and a light fruitiness. Medium brightness (acidity), medium body and a strong hazelnut aftertaste. Medium to dark.

Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic SHG EP $9.75

A well-rounded cup, full body, sweet and fruity. High acidity. Pleasant aftertaste. A honey-like aroma. Go for a lighter roast.

Nicaragua SHG EP $9.75

As above.

Panama SHB EP Boquete $14.81

A bright and fruity cup, light in body. A pleasant and delicate aroma. Similar to a Colombian in profile. Serve filtered, French press or as an espresso blend. Medium to dark roast.

Peru Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Process DECAF $15.30

A rather intense and rich flavour that is less acidic than other blends.

Peru Fair Trade Organic HB MCM GR1 $10.87

A bright, sweet and floral coffee with a medium body. Fresh ripe fruit is the lingering note.

Peru Villa Rica HB MCM GR1 $6.75

The Villa Rica region produces some of Peru’s best coffees. Rich in aroma with a full body and delicate acidity. A dark roast brings out a chocolatey note with no loss of brightness.

Peru SHB Organic $7.20

A sweet and fruity medium-bodied coffee. (We may not be able to get this bean in again for quite some time once we’re sold out).

North America

Mexican Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Process DECAF $16.65

This medium-bodied, smooth blend offers a slight sweetness and refreshing taste.

Mexican HG EP Fair Trade Organic $14.33

Best as a medium-roasted coffee for a smooth chocolatey finish. HG = High grown.

Mexican HG EP $11.97

As above.


Yunnan Catimor $19.56

Local farmers favour this variety, although it is not considered a premium coffee in the same way that Yunnan Old Seed is. It is typically higher in quality than Yunnan Catimor B.

Yunnan Catimor B $9.15

As above.

Yunnan Old Seed $44.25

Considered a premium coffee, Yunnan Old Seed is a strong high-mountain Typica with a slightly fruity aroma. Dried on racks and then processed.


Indian Monsoon Malabar $10.87

Many swear by this coffee but it’s not for everyone. An intense cup with a complex of potent flavours and a long caramel finish. A light roast will bring out this bean's full pungency. A dark roast will limit the legendary distinctiveness of this extraordinary bean. Perhaps opt for a medium roast to begin with or simply select your roast preference as you would ordinarily. Monsoon is often talked up for its value in espresso blends: for its crema wow, thick body and exceptionally low acid content. Some Italian espresso roasting companies use Monsoon to add an "exotic" element to the mix. Roasted Monsoon has a remarkable shelf life – a perfect coffee to have on hand for blending.

Indian Robusta Cherry $6.00

Robusta is considered the poor relation of the coffee family, but robustas can also be gems in their own right. As is this one. Clean, rich, with a silky mouthfeel; good for filtered coffee and makes a pleasant morning brew.

Indian Robusta Parchment Kaapi Royale SC 17 $7.80

A full-bodied offering that is soft, smooth and mellow. Typical of a premium Kaapi Royale graded bean: clean, nutty, resonant finish. Robustas need a minimum of Full City ++ (when the coffee has audibly reached 2nd crack). This one needs a lot of rest after roasting, as much as four days or more.


Java PTP Estate $15.90

Opt for a fine grind for espresso - nutty flavour, striking mouthfeel. A powerful espresso and a great pick-me-up or morning brew. Full City or darker. PTP stands for the PTP XXVI Plantation - a government organization that grows about 85% of the coffee in East Java.

Sulawesi (Celebes) Kalossi GR1 $15.75

Considered to be one of the more rare Indonesians, Kalossi characteristically has a taste similar to that of a Sumatran coffee, but with less body. Containing more acidity than the Sumatran, the Kalossi also offers very pleasant, earthy overtones, plus a certain spiciness.

Sumatra Fair Trade Organic GR1 $15.00

Full-bodied and low in acidity. Its deep rich bottom has a subtle sweetness on top. Roast a little darker to bring out its bittersweet chocolate character. Excellent as an espresso.

Sumatra Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Process DECAF $18.15

As above.

Sumatra Mandheling GR1 $15.00

A heavy, syrupy body with very little acidity makes this a popular one.

Sumatra Mandheling GR1 Swiss Water Process DECAF $17.70

As above.


Papua New Guinea Plantation AA $18.43

A soft richness, sweet acidic flavour and mild, medium body. A coffee you can drink any time of the day or night. This bean can be roasted either light or dark. Some blend the two different roasts.


Hawaiian Kona Estate "Captain's Ohana Farm" $67.68

A top-tier bean. Expect a medium body, fine acidity and an aroma reminiscent of a buttery richness with cinnamon and clove overtones. The caffeine level is slightly higher than average. Roast the Kona light to medium to capture its delicate bright notes. Once brewed, its light and mild body, superb aroma, and sweet and clear mellow flavour will send you into raptures.

House Espresso Blends

Espresso Basic Black DECAF $16.35

Great Espresso. Nothing held back but the caffeine.

Espresso Choco $17.85

House recipe. Two irresistible flavour forces come together in this divine blend. And, no; we haven't added Lady Godiva chocolate to the brew, just the best beans going. Avoid very dark roasts to maintain the nuance in this blend.

Espresso Hail Salassi Fair Trade Organic $16.35

Aromatic and subtle.

Espresso Hail Salassi Swiss Water Process DECAF $16.35

As above.

Espresso Indian Storm $9.45

Not for everyone. This earthy espresso, featuring the legendary Indian Monsoon Malabar, is savoured by acquired tastes, especially when roasted light, in the Northern Italian fashion. In-house recipe.

Espresso Jubilee $11.10

A traditional European-style espresso and a perfect balance of bittersweet notes. Jubilee is rich in flavour with an almond colouring and thick crema. In-house recipe.

Espresso Mello $7.80

A mild blend based on a quality Brazil arabica for body and eye-pleasing crema. We add two other bean varieties for a bit of sharpness and a touch of the exotic. Avoid very dark roasts to maintain nuance.

Espresso No Guff $10.50

A three-continent in-house blend that takes no prisoners.

Espresso No Guff DECAF $16.43

As above.

Espresso Sweet Santa $13.86

It doesn't get much sweeter than this. No sugar needed. In-house recipe.

Espresso Sweet Santa Swiss Water Process DECAF $13.50

As above.

Espresso Tsunami Swiss Water Process DECAF $16.92

Roast this one light, for nutty caramel overtones, or dark for a more traditional roast.

Unroasted Coffee Bean Samplers

Classic Sampler (Guatemalan Antigua, Costa Rican Tarrazu, Colombian Supremo and Sumatra Mandheling) $20.72 (2 lb)

Espresso Sampler (Espresso Mello, Espresso Choco, Sweet Santa and Indian Storm) $23.46 (2 lb)

Exotic Africa Coffee Sampler (Kenya, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Malawi and Tanzanian Peaberry) $21.55(2 lb)

Four Continent Coffee Sampler (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea 'A' and Indian Monsoon) $18.50 (2 lb)

Organic Coffee Sampler (Colombian Fair Trade Organic, Mexican Organic Oaxaca Altura, Peru Fair Trade Organic and Sumatra Organic Gayo Mountain) $22.28(2 lb)

Swiss Water Process (SWP) Sampler DECAF (Colombian Supremo Decaf SWP, Costa Rican Decaf SWP, Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf SWP and Sumatra Mandheling Decaf SWP) $26.65 (2 lb)

House Drip and French Press Blends

Fonseca Fine $12.45

Fonseca Fine is a new offering by our in-house coffee master, Priscila, especially blended for the French press and drip brew method. We cannot reveal Priscila's secret recipe but we can say she used beans from different parts of the world for taste, body and brightness. The result is a very elegant blend - fancy fine, in fact! 

Le Réveillon $11.25

The Le Réveillon blend was especially created for the French press and drip brew method. A well-balanced instant classic. Medium body, sweet and pleasant, with a bright, floral acidity. 

Red Spice $13.80

Red Spice is quite unusual. Aromatically festive with a refined taste and a spicy underlay, this coffee combines the best of two beans - one with a tart yet soft chocolate flavour and one creamy, fruity and bright. We cannot reveal our secret beans but we can assure you the result is a delight. 

Take Five $10.20

This blend is a blend made in-house by one of our star baristas, Mitch Beauregard. Like its namesake, this blend delights with an overall sprightliness of elegance and movement that is likewise bright and energetic, buoyed by a great body - of taste rather than sound, in this case.