Copper Base - Flat (58mm)


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Copper is the heaviest metal we offer for bases. It is aesthetically pleasing. It requires the most maintenance to care for and is a very soft metal.

These base shapes were all carefully invented for choice. It gives baristi an option. The C-flat has a Euro Curve around the edge and is flat in the centre. It creates a seal around the edge of the puck to prevent channelling. The C-Ripple has the same qualities as the C-flat and one extra, in theory; the ripple effect creates more surface area for the water to pass through the coffee. The C-Ripple was used by the World barista Champion of 2009. The purpose of the Euro Curve was also to seal the edges. Sammy Piccolo's favourite. The American Curve has a very slight curve barely noticeable to the naked eye.

Type: Tampers

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