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Behmor 1600 Plus


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Behmor 1600 Plus Roaster

The Behmor 1600 Plus roaster features the new multi-program interface.*.

Roaster Specifications

    1. Largest Capacity home roaster - 1 lb max to 1/4 lb
    2. Patent Pending smoke removal/air filtration system
    3. Quick Start Controls
    4. 4 Custom Pre-Programmed Time Controls
    5. 5 custom Pre-Programmed Heat/Roast Profile Controls
    6. Custom time controls to adjust roast times on the fly
    7. RoHS Compliant
    8. Multi-Speed roast/cooling motor system
    9. Operating noise: 60db or less at >1 foot
    10. Thermostatically controlled quartz roasting elements
    11. Operating 1630w/15a 120v
    12. Dimensions:17.5 inches (44.5 cm) L x 10.5 inches (26.7 cm) H x 12.5 inches (31.8 cm) D; Weight: 25.6 lb (11.63 Kg)
    13. Automatic System Diagnostic - Troubleshooting

The Multi-Program Interface Features:

  • Advanced Power And Heat Control
  • Motor Control during roast cycle
  • Rosetta Stone Auto Reset
  • Automatic Safety Cut Off
  • System Temperature Readings
  • System Self-Test

  • * The Behmor 1600 Plus Roaster's new features become active once a roast cycle has been started.

    Do not leave your roaster unattended when in use.

    Warranty Page

    Click here for customer support, which includes Warranty Registration sign-up

    Behmor Manuals (seven different languages) and FAQs

    Behmor 1600 Plus Tech support

    Warranty: 1 year limited warranty through Behmor Inc. Warranty covers replacement of a defective unit and/or parts, provided the Owner Registration Card has been completed and returned to Behmor Inc. (or completed online at, within 30 days from the date of purchase. Full Warranty information for the Behmor 1600 Plus is listed here and should be read prior to purchase.

    Behmor 1600 pros and cons


  • Large bean capacity 
  • Well built
  • An experienced roaster will get high-quality roasts
  • Excellent for light and medium roasts
  • Smoke reducing system

  • Cons

  • Requires optimal conditions for dark roasts


    Type: Roasters

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