Bialetti Mokona Electric Espresso Maker

BL20480 - 01

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Bialetti's revolutionary stovetop espresso Moka pot took the coffee world by storm in 1933 and has since become an iconic design, displayed in modern industrial art museums around the world. Bialetti has kept pace with innovation ever since and continues to reinvent its own legend, proving excellence never grows old.

The Bialetti Mokona Electric Espresso Maker, a stunning new design in the Bialetti tradition, combines elegance with modern convenience. Fully automatic, the Mokona gives you the choice of capsules, pods or your favorite classic ground coffee.

The Mokona's large water tank is removable to ensure water refill with ease. Its memorable design is showcased by special ABS painting and chrome plating. The ground coffee filter holder is made of brass, the standard of commercial quality espresso makers.

Simple to clean, a joy to use, the Mokona embodies the pleasure of coffee, through and through, enhanced by Bialetti's outstanding reputation for long-lasting reliability.


  • Powerful 15 bar bump
  • Semi-automatic control
  • Two thermostats for coffee and steam
  • Special pressure control safety valve
  • 1.5 L removable water tank
  • Two professional filter holders
  • Brass filter holder

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