Bodum Bistro Paring and vegetable knife, 6.5 inch, ceramic


SPECIAL ORDER!. Non-cancellable. Generally ships 3 - 4 weeks (with complimentary package of roasted coffee when order ships, to make the wait worthwhile)

Ask any chef about their most treasured kitchen tools and they don't even blink before they answer. The answer is always the same - knives. Most chefs have their own knife set and it might be wise not to get caught touching it. Chefs don't share knives even if they're usually reasonably nice people. Knives are strictly personal. Well, all right then, you'll have to get your own. This is where our Bistro Ceramic Knife line comes in. Ceramic Knives are a dream come true. Tomatoes part miraculously, boneless meat falls apart, and cutting up fruit and vegetables become a joy instead of a chore. In this regard you might say, good knives are key to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Bodum Ceramic Knives are of exquisite quality as they're made of extremely hard and acid resistant ceramic material, which keeps the knives' sharpness a lot longer.
  • They're very light, absolutely corrosion-proof and neutral in taste. Their ergonomically shaped handles in soft, anti-slip silicone makes for a safe and comfortable cutting experienc
  • made of extremely hard and acid-resistant ceramic material

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