Bloomfield Koffee King Pour Over Coffee Brewer Two Warmers


Generally ships within two business days from our third-party warehouse

Our exclusive water delivery system spreads a precise amount of water over the coffee grounds for complete saturation and much better taste.

      • Ready-to-Brew light indicates the proper water temperature to help eliminate the guess work in brewing.
      • Premium quality thermostat has a full-length stainless steel sensing bulb that recognizes water temperature accurately and cycles less frequently.
      • Superior sprayhead design spreads water over the coffee grounds, creating agitation and a floating action that completely saturates the coffee to capture the full, rich essence of every bean.
      • Porcelain enamelled warmer plates position decanters securely and, with no exposed screwheads, will not scratch or scrape decanters
      • Pour over unit (not plumbed)


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