Bodum Bean Tea Press


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Bodum Bean Tea Press, 1.0 l, 34 oz

The art of tea planting, harvesting, brewing and enjoying is ancient and comes with a lot of traditions and rituals. Expanding the boundaries of tea tradition and adding new ones is a Bodum specialty. A few years ago, Bodum developed a new tea brewing process in collaboration with the English Tea Council. It is that very process that's at work here. The tea leaves swirl freely in a spacious stainless steel filter and develop the aroma to the fullest. When the desired tea strength is reached, simply press down the plunger to lock the tea leaves in at the bottom of the filter so the brewing process is stopped.

The BEAN Tea Press is encased in colorful plastic, protecting the glass beautifully. It also makes the BEAN spill-proof and safe, in case it gets knocked over. The simple push of a lever lets the tea flow into the cup, and everything is easily manageable with one hand.

For the iced tea maker model, there is a replacement lid that allows you to store the cold-brewed tea overnight in the fridge to continue the brewing process. This lid ensures a perfectly sealed finish to avoid any possible spills that may occur. 

Type: Tea Press

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