Bodum Bistro Small Herb Pot

11191-01 - 01

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Adding fresh herbs makes a salad go from a rational, healthy choice to a mouth-watering, delicious craving. Not to mention that its now an even healthier choice. And if those herbs are freshly harvested you might as well get rid of your health insurance. Just kidding. The indoors BISTRO herbs pot makes it real easy to keep the herbs coming, even if you go away for a weekend or, heaven forbid, you forget about them for a few days no problem the BISTRO is self-watering. A nylon thread feeds the water constantly from the lower to the upper porcelain part of the pot where the plant sits in potting soil, like in a regular flower pot. Its just that the sandblasted borosilicate glass reservoir at the bottom holds enough water for a few days so the plant can soak up humidity according to its needs. You dont even need to take the pot apart to refill the water; the upper pot comes with an opening for easy access. Think of the BISTRO as a self-serve watering system for your favorite herbs. And ultimately as a self-serve herb supply chain for yourself. All that in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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