Bodum Chocolatiere Chocolate Jug, Small, 0.5 l, 17 oz

10796-16 - 01

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Considering people's love affair with chocolate, we designed a delightful chocolate jug with unique blender-qualities. Our design significantly differs from old classic ceramic or porcelaine chocolate jugs but still resembling grandma's classy milk jug in form and shape. Home-made chocolate milk is growing popular with children and grown-ups alike! The manual blender of the jug mixes the chocolate powder and milk in a smooth way producing an uncongested froth without too much squirting. The cleverly devised manual blender consists of a propeller attached to a spiral rod making it a fun-to-use tool and ensuring the best mixed chocolate milk - the "sinful temptation" par exellence! The jug turns into a multi-purpose object as soon as the lid is removed, carrying any liquid from milk to lemonade to water.The handle and the jug are made of heat-resistant, see-through borosilicate glass. The lid is made of stainless steel and plastic with a silicone gasket for better tightness. All parts are dishwasher safe. The manual blender can be fully disassembled for better cleaning.

Type: Glassware

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