Bodum Crema Tea Press

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The CREMA tea maker by BODUM is a cross between tradition and modernity - displayed in the simple cross-design of the frame! The CREMA offers the best brewing for that perfect cup of tea. To use, simply fill the strainer with your favorite tea leaves and add boiling water. Wait until the tea reaches your preferred strength and slowly depress the plunger to stop the brewing process. Indulge and cherish the tea experience either alone or with friends.

The CREMA's design is very functional. It features a heat-resistant, ultra-light borosilicate glass bowl. The plastic handle and coaster protect the user and any surface from burns and damage through heat. The see-through windows allow the monitoring of the brewing process. Ideal for everyday use, the CREMA tea maker is durable and dishwasher safe. There are two versions available: one with a stylish plastic frame and a capacity of 0.5 L/17 oz, and one with a stainless steel frame and a capacity of 1.0 L/34 oz.

Type: Tea

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