Bodum So Long Large Champagne Tumbler (Set of 2) 0.35 l, 12 oz.

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Drinking wine from a tumbler has long been the standard for a casual evening out in Europe. Tumblers offer ease of convenience and are dishwasher-friendly. Drinking wine from a stem glass lends itself more to special occasions and white-linen restaurants. Combining two distinctive assets in one, the Bodum So Long line pairs the convenience of drinking from a tumbler with the sophistication of a wine glass. You can still swirl the wine to release and enjoy the bouquet and control the flow of wine onto the palette, as well as enjoy the clean-up advantage of a glass that fits easily into the dishwasher. Made of borosilicate glass, the So Long is temperature safe and scratch resistant, and will remain clear even after years of dishwashing. Lightweight yet durable, this stemless glass is pleasant to hold.

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Type: Glassware

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