Bodum Presso Wire 8 Cup Coffee Press, 1 L, 34 oz

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Drinking coffee fromBODUMí«̴åÂs new PRESSO French Pressí«̴å Coffee Maker will leave apermanent impressionon the minds of coffee lovers everywhere! Its simple and clean conicdesign is built to be loved and last alifetime! The outer casing is made of a stainless steel mesh protectingthe glass beaker.

The PRESSO French Pressí«̴å features an integrated coffee filter madeof stainless steel. Its body is made ofheat-resistant, ultra-light borosilicate glass that does not get cloudyeven after a hundred cycles in the dishwasher.Featuring a safety lid, the PRESSO French Pressí«̴å prevents liquidsfrom squirting from the pot.

To use the PRESSO, simply add the appropriate amount of coarse groundcoffee to the beaker, pour in hotwater, stir, wait 4 minutes and gently depress the plunger to stop thebrewing process. The press brewingmethod extracts the essential oils from freshly ground coffee withoutthe use of paper filters that soak themup. Like all BODUMí«̴å coffee makers, the PRESSO delivers a balancedand robust flavor profile to your cup! ThePRESSO is available as an 8-cup (1l/34oz), 4-cup (0.5l/17oz) and 3-cup(0.35l/12oz) coffee maker. All partsare dishwasher safe.

Type: Glassware

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