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About the bean

Even though nearly 75% of Brazil's coffee farms are considered small farm plantations (less than 10 acres each) Brazil has one of the coffee industry's best, most advanced processing systems. It's no wonder Brazil is the world's leading coffee producer.

Brazil Santos gourmet coffee beans are processed using the natural dry method. The coffee bean is dried inside the cherry so that some of the fruit's sweetness is evident in the cup.

Santos is the port much of Brazil's coffee travels through, it is not a coffee region.

Species: Coffee Arabica
Processing: Dry-Processed
Grade: Estate
Appearance: 15-16 Screen
Acidity: Mild
Body: Medium
Complexity: No
Balance: Yes
Flavour: Good for espresso (lots of crema and body)
Roast: City to Full City. (soft bean, will roast quickly)
* MTGB medium to good beans

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