Bunn French Press Grinder, FPG-2 DBC


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Portion Control Grinder
  • Accommodates us to 8" (20.3 cm) tall French press or funnel for drip-style brewer.
  • multi-batch setting allows users to specify a French press brew size or grind enough coffee into a funnel to brew larger amounts of drip-style coffee.
  • Professional grind provided by large 3.188" (8.1 cm) diameter burrs powered by quiet, low speed, high torque motor.
  • Equipped with commercial grinding burrs to provide maximum grinding precision for small amounts of coffee.
  • Easy access on back for grind weight adjustment.
  • Three year warranty on grinding burrs.
FPG-2 DBC Additional Features
  • Two hoppers can hold 3 lbs. (1.4 Kg) each of regular and decaf or specialty beans.
  • Digital touchpad for front of machine programming and LCD read-out.

Specification page: English
Specification page: French

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