Bunn iMIX Dispenser, iMIX-5S+, Black 120V


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Bunn-o-Matic iMIX-5 includes all the following features:

Five 3.6 kg hoppers

Lighted front graphics for merchandising.

Large 27.63 litre hot water tank.

Cup clearance of 18.4 cm.

Variable speed motors allow control ofproduct consistency in mixing chamber (.75 to 6.6 grams of powder per second).

High speed, heavy-duty whipper.

Front of machine access for easy service, setup and calibration..

Spring-loaded, all metal auger drive systemfor easy hopper installation.

Low powder product detection system(iMIX-4 and iMIX-5).

Digital technology adds night mode (iMIX-4, IMIX-5 and iMIX-5S+).

Alphanumeric display in English (iMIX-4, IMIX-5and iMIX-5S+).

Auger motors with RPM feedback monitoring assure consistent flavors and profits by controlling powder dosing (iMIX-4 and iMIX-5).

Key service components easily accessiblethrough front, top and side.

iMIX-5S Features:

Large 26.5 litre hot water tank.

Easily removable side panels for completeaccess to service components.

Key lock on the door prevents tampering.iMIX-5S+ Features

iMIX-5S+ Features:

Can be set as push and hold or single sizeportion control.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor through the Bunn-o-Matic Corporation.

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