Bunn Water Filter, EDSS-11-T200F Easy Clear Drop-In (ED) Hot or Cold Water Quality System


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    • In-Line (EDSS-11-T200F) Hot Water Quality Filtration Systems Designed for BUNN liquid coffee machines supplied with hot water.
    • Provides 2,500 gal. (9,463.53 litres) of superior sediment, taste/odor and chlorine reduction @ 2 gpm.
    • 5 micron graded density filtration for long life.
    • Perfectly sized to ensure quality coffee and long-term performance. Stainless steel housings assure reliable performance in high temperature or pressure applications.
    • In-line units have 316 stainless steel heads with 304 stainless steel housings, rated to 300 psi (2,069 kPa) for durability.
    • Hot and cold water applications*
    • Rigid construction of the stainless steel housing provides durability and withstands extreme water hammer.

    *Tested for hot water applications up to 200˚ F (93˚ C).

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