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About the bean

From the introduction of the first arabica tree in the 1930s to the present time, coffee production in this small landlocked east-central African country has weathered a great deal of political strife, as well as the effects of turmoil in neighbouring Congo.

Currently free and liberalized, Burundi's specialty coffee community is taking root. Consider Burundi one to watch. 

Coffee here grows on mountainside fincas (farms) at high altitudes. Typically fully washed and dried on raised beds, the primary coffee plant varietal is Bourbon. Coffees are often organic by default due to the cost of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The Discovery

The Burundi Kayanza Gahahe Honey is an entirely new coffee to our selection. Sourced from the Gahahe washing station in the northern province of Kayanza, this is an area acclaimed for its coffee (and tea) production thanks to rich volcanic soils, high altitudes and hard-working coffee growers.

The Gahahe washing station is supplied by more than 1700 coffee producers farming the station's surrounding hillsides that rise 1800 meters above sea level. Coffee cherries are processed naturally and dried on raised beds for around three weeks to reach a moisture content of 12%. The coffee is then hand sorted once more at the station's dry mill to ensure quality - a post-harvest care that translates to the cup.

A delicate, floral offering, typical of coffees from Burundi. Delightfully rich with a lovely brightness. Stay light to preserve the joy here. One to savour.

COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Kayanza
SUB REGION: Hills of Bubezi, Karinzi, & Mihogo; Gahahe Washing Station
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
SOIL: Volcanic loam

CUPPING NOTES: Floral, sweet grape, caramel, medium body

Roast recommendation: Try light/er. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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