Caffe Rosto Digirosto PRO Power - Dented - AS IS CONDITION

PRO POWER dented

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How to use the DIGIROSTO. (Flash presentation)

Owner's Manual

The Small Commercial Roaster's Heavy-Duty Workhorse

  • Perfect for coffee shops, too. This machine pays for itself in 3-6 months with coffee sales of 10lbs to 15lbs per day.
  • Look at these outstanding features:

    • No smoke (smoke elimination built in)
    • No gas (halogen light heater)
    • No need for automatic voltage regulator
    • 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) per batch.
    • 3 batches per hour.
    • Up to 24 batches per day.
    • Compact Size: Fits on your counter top.
    • Free digital scale built right into the unit.
    • End user programmability and factory pre-set auto mode.
    • Indicator shows total roast quantity and times.
    • Easy diagnostic program built into the machine.
    • Low power - a hairdryer's consumption 0.9kwh/1batch/1500g
    • Accurate roast 1 C / 1 sec. tolerance.
    • Error message for wrong use and defects.
    • 120-Volts, 25-amps. Just plug it into your outlet, with a 30-amp rating (NEMA 5-20 receptacle).
    • IMEX patented six-step roasting and cooling.
    • Voltage compensation program.
    • Easy 3-mode operation Auto/Manual/Reset.
    • Two-temperature sensors for roasting safety.
    • Auto damper control for aromatic flavor.
    • One-touch automatic cool down for continuous roasting
    • Electrically Special Inspected in Canada
    • Easy roasting coffee (Upgraded Version to 16)
    • Auto damper control
    • Bean's Fire Extinguishing Systemv
    • Water-quenching system with turntable built-in
    • 36-roast color selections (3 X 12)
    • Reinforced-rotation mechanism for long-term use.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Auto-mode roasting capacity: 400g~ 1500g (0.9~3.3lbs)
    • Manual-mode roasting capacity: 100~1500g (0.2~3.3lbs)
    • Dimensions: 465mm Wide x 335mm Deep 590mm High (18.5"W x 21"D x 23.25"H)
    • Chimney: 370mm high (14.5" H)
    • Net weight: 35kg (77lbs)

    Digirosto PRO1500 Power

    -- "... the roasts have been incredibly even, with great body." -- Sweet Marias
    • New ceramic smoke eliminator: Reinforced power of smoke elimination and extended longevity
    • Chimney: Shortened length as 2/3 size
    • Halogen heater: Reinforced durability and increased heat capacity
    • Electronic weight scale: Remains precise at prolonged use at high temperature
    • Fire extinguishing S/W & auto damper S/W: Front installation allows for easy use
    • Convenient maintenance: General repair and maintenance without removing outer case
    • Bearing: Extended longevity
    • Improved cooling effect
    • Safety supplement: Addition of S mark of Japan
    • Main Chip: Upgraded to Version 28
    • Enriched flavor and taste of coffee by changing sensor and water quenching
    • Less roasting time

    Note: All roasters run the risk of fire hazard. For this reason, take care never to leave your roaster unattended, when in use.
    Warranty: No warranty and "AS IS" condition

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