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Cafflano Klassic


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Klassic meets ultra-modern 

The Cafflano Klassic is a portable all-in-one pour-over coffee maker!

Use the Klassic's ceramic burr grinder (with foldaway handle) to grind fresh coffee on the go. An eco-friendly design ensures no batteries are required and the unit's etched stainless filter is reusable.


  • 270 ml "drip kettle" with spout
  • Foldaway handle, ceramic burr grinder
  • Etched stainless filter dripper
  • 450 ml tumbler


Place 20g of whole beans in the grinder and set to "medium" (use imprinted scale up to 30g);

Grind the beans;

Remove grinder to brew;

Using the unit's drip kettle (you will still have to heat water the regular way to obtain hot water for the drip kettle), pour hot water over the grounds; allow 30-45 seconds for pre-infusion;

Pour over the remaining water;

Allow 1-3 minutes for the coffee to brew;

Completely remove the filter dripper and enjoy your coffee!

Seeing is believing: watch the How To video here

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