Cafflano Kompact Coffee Press


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Cafflano Kompact is one of the most compact café-quality coffee makers on the market. And it packs a lot of brewing muscle into tiny quarters. When not in use, the brewer folds down to a mere 61mm x 108 mm inside a hard carry case to protect your tiny brew boss at all times.

The Cafflano Kompact is a coffee maker in the French press style. It features a compression chamber made of durable food-grade silicone that works like an accordion and an easy-to-clean, ultra-fine reusable stainless-steel coffee filter. Use paper filters if you choose to (the Kompact is compatible with AeroPress paper filters - this will produce an even cleaner, softer taste).

Weighs 220g and can hold 220ml of liquid. Super easy to clean - empty grounds and rinse.

Includes hard carry case.

Can make hot coffee, cold brew, and even tea using loose tea leaves.

To Use

Add coffee grounds

Pour in hot water slowly 

Allow for bloom (30 seconds)

Add more water, wait 2-3 minutes

Screw on the Airlock cap

Press down slowly on the chamber to release the liquid over a serving carafe or drinking cup (an AeroPress can only be plunged once, the Cafflano can be squeezed and pressed several times for extra flavour).

See the Cafflano Kompact in action - watch the video

- Compact with Airlock cap. No scales needed

High Pressure
- Zero-friction of bellows, easy and light press
- Press & Squeeze mode

- Lower pressing point, single-side open, and no leaks
- High melting point: 220°C (Food-grade silicone)

Cold Brew
- Cold brew on-the-go with Airlock cap

- Etched stainless-steel Micro Filter and commercial paper filter compatible