Roasted - Brazilian Cerrado 2/3, Sc 17/18 SS FC (Coffee Credit Selection)


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Brazil produces a lot of mediocre Arabica. Their coffee is grown at lower altitudes, in non-volcanic soil, with no shade. They are the pioneers in processing methods.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee Beans: the highest grade of the famous Brazilian beans, lively and inviting with a smooth, sweet taste. Beans from the Cerrado region have cupped better than those from the Santos region.

Species: Coffee Arabica
Processing: Dry-Processed
Grade: Estate
Varietal: Caturra
Appearance: 17-18 Screen
Acidity: Mild
Body: Medium
Complexity: No
Balance: Yes
Flavour: Smooth, sweet taste, good for espresso (lots of crema and body)
Roast: City to Full City. (soft bean, will roast quickly)

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