Roasted - Costa Rican Tarrazu (Coffee Credit Selection)


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About the bean:

Tarraz coffee is referred to as a "classically complete" coffee-- a sweet aroma, aromatic complexity,  full body, pleasant acidity and a delicate clean aftertaste with rich chocolate and nutty undertones. 

The small Tarrazu region, in the high mountains is located in southern pacific region south ofthe capital of Costa Rica, is the most densely planted high altitude region. 

Tarraz is celebrated as the region in Costa Rica for the best volcanic soils and highest altitudes. Because they grows at high altitudes and on volcanic soil, these shade grown coffee cherries ripen more slowly which give it a rich and hearty flavor.

Species: Coffee Arabica
Processing: Wet-processed
Region: Tarrazu, grown in the volcanic soils
Grade: SHB Strictly Hard Bean/ SHG Strictly High Grown (grown between 4500 to 5000 ft)
Appearance: Screen 17
Acidity: Medium
Body: Full
Balance: Perfect
Flavour: a wonderful morning brew, delicate clean aftertaste with rich chocolate and nutty undertones.
Roast: Medium to Dark roast. This coffee is highly dependent on the roast. A lighter roast will bring out a milk chocolate brightness with some berry overtones while a darker roast tends to accentuate a bittersweet chocolate with a slight winey finish.

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