Roasted - Jamaica Blue Mountain No.2 "Flamstead Estate" (Coffee Credit Selection)


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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world due to an outstanding pedigree: Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a single source of origin gourmet coffee grown only at high elevations by small family-run plantations in Jamaica. Coffee grown at a higher altitude is considered finer and ranks as the preference of choice among connoisseurs. To this end, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is further distinguished as the worlds highest mountain grown coffee, hence its prestige and value worldwide.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica and comes from a recognized growing source in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. For more information about our supplier, please see: Blue Mountain Coffee Venture Limited.

Species: Coffee arabica
Processing: Wet-processed
Grade: Grade 1
Crop: July 2012 arrival
Colour: distinct blue-green colour
Appearance: screen size 16, moisture 10-12.5%
Acidity: Medium to good
Body: Medium
Balance: Extremely
Flavour: clean, mild, fairly good to intense aroma
Roast: Best cup results at City to Full City Roast. Leave the coffee to rest two days

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