Roasted - Yunnan Catimor (Coffee Credit Selection)


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Referred to by local farmers as 'new seed'. Catimor is dry-processed by the Xinzhai Coffee Co-op (see below for more information). Typically, a higher quality end result than Yunnan Catimor B. Local farmers favour this variety, although it is not considered a premium coffee in the same way that Yunnan Old Seed is.

Read "China's remarkable coffee" - our fascinating in-house feature on the growers behind our Yunnan Coffee selection and discover the little known, up until now, rare pleasure of coffee from China.

This coffee, supplied to us by the Xinzhai Coffee Co-op, originates from the village of Xiaopingtian, Lujiang Township, Baoshan Municipality, Yunnan Province, located at an elevation of 1,200 metres above sea level. Hidden in mountains near Yunnan’s Baoshan City, Lujiangba, a world-renowned Arabica coffee producer, is one of the most productive coffee plantations in China. The Xinzhai Coffee Co-op was established in 2005, and became one of the first villages to form a co-op and market its coffee directly to consumers. 

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