Unroasted - Sumatra Fair Trade Organic GR1 (Coffee Credit Selection)


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About the bean:
This coffee comes from the Gayo Organic Coffee Farmers Association, the first, and still the only, coffee co-operative from Indonesia that is Fair Trade Certified. The co-op members are small coffee farmers, working farms of one to two acres, who produce 100% shade-grown, organic coffee. The coffee is SKAL and NASAA certified organic.

This coffee sells at a premium to allow the co-op to support a wide variety of programs. They include:
  • Community nurseries to provide improved and grafted coffee and shade tree seedlings
  • Rehabilitation of degraded lands and unproductive coffee trees
  • A weed cutter program to help farmers avoid the use of herbicides
  • A member\'s credit union to extend small loans to families in the co-operative
  • Upgrades to all processing facilities
  • Community infrastructure projects, such as clean water supply
  • Increased staffing and development of the association

Co-op farmers live in an environmentally sensitive region: the buffer zone to a National Park, which contains critical watershed areas and sanctuaries for endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger. Fair Trade price incentives and technical support provided by the cooperative are designed to encourage sustainable agriculture and resource conservation.

Our Sumatra Organic coffee is full and rich with low acidity. Its deep rich bottom has a subtle sweetness on top.

Roasting recommendation:
Roast it a little darker to bring out its bittersweet chocolate character. Excellent as an espresso.

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