Cilio Cappuccino Artist


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Latte Art is the name of the milk foam creations crowning Barista's cappuccino & co. With the ARTIL cilio ARTIST spreader, you will be able to make these works of art at home. With the help of six stencils you conjure motifs of cocoa or cinnamon on creamy milk foam. Pull the template of your choice from the practical storage compartment and place it on the container filled with cinnamon or cocoa powder. Bring the decorator as close as possible over the milk foam. Hold the top firmly and turn it as fast as possible until it clicks. The winking face and the heart are a nice greeting from the kitchen, the sheet and the star fit on the stylishly laid coffee table. A cappuccino with snowflake warms you after the winter walk and the whirlwind brings fresh energy in the afternoon. 6 templates (leaf / face / star / heart / snowflake / swirl) with convenient storage compartment.

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