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Unroasted - Ethiopian Kochere


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About the bean

We love a new addition to our coffee inventory and when that new addition rocks our socks, our greatest pleasure is to share the joy.

The Kochere district in southern Ethiopia is very close to the summit of the country's coffee mythology, Yirgacheffe. Like the rest of Ethiopia, the micro-region of Kochere proffers its own distinct flavour and characteristics: a strong tea-like finish with a fruity brightness, deepened by notes of stone fruit, caramel and dark chocolate. This micro-region is considered one of the best coffee-growing areas in southern Ethiopia thanks to its nutrient-rich soil, thickly shaded hills and consistent rainfall. Coffee here is typically farmed organically, whether it is certified as such or not.

A rival to the sun (that being Ethiopian Yirgacheffe). Spring is here and this is our new love.

Quick Notes

Score: 85.5 (out of 100 points; over 85 considered excellent)
Species: 100% Arabica
Altitude: 1,700 - 2,200 masl.
Process:  Handpicked and washed

Taste Test

American roast brewed in a French press
We welcomed our newest coffee star with a proper cupping - cupping is a three-stage sensory process used by coffee professionals (but anyone can do it) to evaluate the positive qualities (and the not so positive) of a particular coffee.
Go forth here to learn more about cupping or watch the curious business of cupping in action. And what did we cup and discover? Ethiopia Kochere is fabulous! A sweet fragrance delights with a bouquet of caramel, vanilla and chocolate. During coffee cupping, coffee grounds are placed in cupping bowls, or plain old cups will do. Hot water is poured over the grounds and left to steep for 4 minutes until a "crust" forms (looks like a chia pudding). Once we broke the crust (with a spoon), the Kochere's pleasant fragrances were unleashed. Coffee aroma is at its most intense at this point (we highly recommend giving cupping a go!). The coffee cupping itself (sampling the coffee slurped quickly from a spoon and then spitting into a cup) proffered a well-balanced brew with a lovely fruity brightness; a red fruit acidity that added a nice complexity. The taste in the mouth was soft yet striking. This is a marvellous Ethiopian!

City+ roast brewed in a Hario V60 pour over (30g of coffee for 500ml of water)
The flavours remained at this roast level; a delicate body and a sweet aftertaste. Such a pleasing cup. See here for pour over options and more information.

Roast recommendation: Light to medium for the full flavour experience.

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