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Unroasted - Cuban Altura Lavado


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About the bean

Our Cuban Altura Lavado offering hails from the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the east where the climate is favourable and the fertile soil so rich with humus it permits cultivation of coffee without the need for chemical fertilizers.

Cubans, it is said, take their coffee seriously and most often as an espresso, or cafecito, while visiting with friends and loved ones, or after a meal. Sugar is mixed with a small amount of espresso to form a paste and, when the rest of the coffee is added, a sweet crema forms - a result of the sugar more than the type of coffee beans used. Traditional Cuban coffee is dark roasted and finely ground, and prepared using a moka pot or espresso machine.

What you can expect

The Cuban Altura Lavado makes a nice, clean cup with a subdued body and acidity. The lingering notes are nutty and chocolatey, the latter in particular. Enjoy served as an espresso (but of course!) or in a French press for optimum flavour. This pick works well blended, too - perhaps with a Colombian for sweetness and a Kenyan for zest.

Roasting recommendation: A City to almost Full City roast. Best not too dark or too light.

Canadian customers: Paypal bans placing Cuban products into a shopping cart. To order this product, please email us at or phone us at 416-588-7700 ext 249. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

U.S. customers: Sorry, but we're not allowed to ship Cuban beans into the U.S.

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