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Espresso Bar & Roastery - Equipment suggestions:

(Budget $5k - $15K depending on options below)

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Espresso machines:
A) Less than 12 shots a day - the Rancilio Silvia
B) The Kedge Klub is exceptional value in a full commercial level machine:
  • large heat exchange boiler
  • available in 1, 2 or 3 brew heads
  • water line directly piped
  • automatic

    A) The Mazzer mini is a great starter espresso grinder
    B) the Major no-doser is the choice for bagged espresso
    C) Bunn & Curtis for drip grind
    D) The Bunn multi-hopper for convenience, in drip-grind

    A) Hottop for up to 1.5 lb per hour
    B) Digirosto for up to 4.5 lb per hour (HD) or 9 lb per hour (Pro Power)

    Coffee Makers:
    A) Bunn Thermal server brewers, either in pour-over, or directly piped
  • thermal servers can be either self-serve on a counter or left in the brewer
    B) Servers standard lid allows brewing with the lid on, most popular option
  • choose the brew-through lid for greatest heat retention

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