Espro Automatic Handheld Espresso Tamper - 57 mm, convex base, Red Handle

Espro-57CRed - 01

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Experts agree that having a good espresso machine, coffee grinder, espresso tamper, and the right selection of coffee beans are paramount to achieving espresso that is brimming with flavor and aroma.

The Espro Tamper features a patent pending mechanism built into the handle that provides feedback in the form of a subtle click indicating that exactly thirty pounds of downward pressure has been achieved. At last, there is an espresso tamper that takes all of the guesswork of tamping espresso grounds. Now you can be expert after just a few tamps!

Thirty pounds of downward pressure is considered by espresso experts to be the optimum pressure applied to espresso grounds to achieve an even and level pressure, which in turn yields a consistent espresso time after time. It has been suggested that one should use a bathroom scale to get the feel of what thirty pounds of downward pressure feels like.

The revolutionary Espro Tamper is the only tamper currently in production that is spring loaded to measure the exact amount of tamping pressure needed for perfect espresso extraction. Excellent as a training tool or as a great addition to your espresso preparation toolbox, this innovative product takes the guesswork out of gauging the right amount of tamping pressure.

In the case of the Espro Tamper, much deliberation was given to design. The tamper is a pioneer in new design development with its spring-loaded tamping action feature. With each tamp measuring exactly thirty pounds of downward pressure, the Espro Tamper takes all guesswork out of the tamping process.

Each Espro Tamper is carefully crafted with a polished stainless steel base, anodized turned metal handle, heavy-duty steel spring components and attention to detail like no other. The manufacturer, Espro, Inc., has a great deal of knowledge about the manufacture of high quality, innovative, espresso brewing accessories. They set out to not only design a functional tool, but also one that would draw you in with its ease of use and revolutionary design. There is clearly nothing like the Espro Tamper in production today. Compare the Espro Tamper for price and convenience to other automatic tampers that cost hundreds more.

49mm tamper base diameter.


  • Completely hidden, patent pending mechanism
  • 30 pound force actuation, factory calibrated
  • One year replacement warranty
  • Available in 53mm and 58mm tamper base diameters
  • 3.5 inches high
  • Food grade materials making it suitable for use in home, as well as commercial settings.
  • Zero maintenance
  • Polished stainless steel base
  • Aluminum handle anodized for an abuse-ready hardness similar to diamond
  • Heavy weight ~1 lb for a firm feel
  • Balanced 60% to the base to allow faster barista tricks such as tamp-flip-tap-flip-tamp.
  • Cannot be disassembled: it will never come apart in your hand
  • Cannot be recalibrated
  • American curve, 1.7 mm
  • Made in Canada

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