Espro Dillinger Tamper S/S coating - 53 mm, convex base

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The Espro Dillinger is built to stand the roughest treatment a tamper might endure in the most grueling of commercial environments, and then some. As Espro puts it, "The Dillinger tamper is tough as nails. Actually, it's quite a bit tougher. We made it for those who like to push the boundaries."

Made of vacuum hardened stainless-steel, the Dillinger is three times tougher than a regular tamper. For those who need their tampers harder still, the Espro Dillinger is available with a black diamond-like coating for five times' more strength.

About this product


  • Hardened stainless steel offers three times the strength of a regular tamper.
  • Optional black super-hard diamond-like coating offers five times the strength of a regular tamper.
  • Mass around 1 lb; solid feel.
  • Ergonomic and textured handle gives a firm grip.
  • Black diamond like coating in 58 mm and 53 mm convex bases.
  • Hardened stainless steel in 58 mm and 53 mm convex bases.
  • 1 year no-questions-asked factory replacement warranty through Espro.

Type: Tampers

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