Unroasted - Ethiopian Djimmah Grade 5


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About the bean

Djimmah (pronounced Jimma) is one of Ethiopia's five major coffee supply regions. An inland city in the country's southwest, Djimmah is dominated by small-holder farms that use a traditional method of coffee cultivation: sun-drying.

Coffee here grows at altitudes that run between 1,340 and 1,830 metres, protected from the sun by forest cover, harvested from the upper branches of tall trees. Raised moisture levels in the soil, give the Djimmah cup a complex taste - unwashed (natural) offerings from the region can be particularly flavorful. This area is as diverse in its micro-climates as it is in its varieties of coffee. In general, expect a good body and a winey, gamey taste.

Cupping Notes

Species: Coffee Arabica
Processing: Dry (unwashed)
Grade: The most exported Grade 5
Acidity: Medium to light
Body: Full
Balance: Good
Flavour: Sweet and fruity with berry notes; long aftertaste; carries the slight earthiness common to natural coffees.
Good for: Espresso, plunger, drip or siphon coffee.

Roasting recommendation: Light to medium is best to bring out the Djimmah's subtleties.

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