Roasted - Ethiopian Djimmah GR5


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About the bean:

Ethiopia is the coffee home and the name coffee itself comes from the name Kaffa one of the coffee regions. By tradition, all coffee grown in Ethiopia is organic.

This sun-dried coffee comes to us from one of Ethiopia's major coffee growing regions in the country's southwest, an area with numerous indigenous varieties, many of them very highly prized but hard to market.

The Djimmah region is an area of multiple forest varieties from where the excellent coffee derives. Most of the coffee grows under thick forested areas.

Species: Coffee arabica
Processing: Dry-Processed (unwashed)
Grade: The most exported Grade 5 *
Colour: Greyish to greenish/brownish and covered by thick skin.
Appearance: Mixture of oval-shaped beans with pointed and/or rounded ends, slightly bigger than Sidamo.
Acidity: Medium to light
Body: Full
Balance: Well
Flavour: Not a particularly fine cup but well balanced, sometimes with a hint of a sweet fruity and wild taste. Good for blending in espresso.
Roast: Don't over roast, to avoid masking Djimmah's subtleties. Light to medium is best (City to Full City)

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