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Unroasted - Ethiopian Lekempti


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About the bean
There are nine distinct coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia and Lekempti (also known as Nek'empte) is one of them. Located within the state of Wollega, about six hours west by car from the country's capital city, Lekempti is known for its natural, dry-processed coffees, typically dense with underlays of fruit and chocolate.

Our Ethiopian Lekempti is a full-bodied offering with a slight tobacco taste and a wild berry lift. If blending, the Lekempti provides the body and should be mixed with beans that can bring the sweetness. As a standalone, the cup offers a rustic enjoyment, somewhat intense with a strong flavour character typical of natural Ethiopians. French press is the best option for the Lekempti. Filtered also works. Not typically an espresso pick.

Roasting recommendation: City+ to Full City to Vienna.

Cupping Notes and Scores

Species: Arabica
Process: Natural, unwashed
Altitude: 1500-1800 masl.
Aroma: 7.5
Brightness: 7.4
Flavour: 7.5
Body: 7.6
Aftertaste: 7.5
Balance: 7.6
Uniformity: 10
Clean cup: 10
Sweetness: 10
Defect points: 0

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