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Unroasted - Ethiopian Lekempti


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About the bean

"Lekempti" is a catch-all trade name for coffees traded through the market town of Nek'empte in Ethiopia's west, although the coffee exported from here is usually grown in the highland areas of southwestern Ethiopia. Traditionally, coffee from this region is naturally processed and patio dried in the open sun, characterized by a slight fruity taste, pleasing brightness and fragrant aftertaste.

Dry-processed coffees tend to produce a distinct flavour similar to the coffee cherry itself. This process is often used in areas where sunshine is plentiful and rainfall scarce and is commonly associated with Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia and Yemen.

Quick Look

Species: Arabica
Processing: Natural, unwashed
Altitude: 1700-2200 masl.
Harvest: February to April

What to expect

This is a pick for palates with a fancy for an African bean without the usual African high fruit and floral character. We enjoyed a pleasant aroma, good body and a soft but distinct wine-like mouthfeel; notes of spice, tobacco, wild berry and dark chocolate. French press and filtered options are the best brew options for this bean; a rustic pleasure as a standalone, and well suited to blends. Lekempti brings the body to a sweet blend companion like a classic Colombian. Not one for espresso or cold brew.

Roast recommendation: City+ to Dark. 

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