FZ-RR 700 Home Coffee Roaster

FZ-RR 700

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The WOW! machine

The FZ-RR 700 Home Coffee Roaster by Coffee Tech is a rather extraordinary pint-sized wonder, designed to go anywhere. Simply add heat and roast! Wherever you are in the world, you need never go without fresh roasted coffee, again.

The FZ-RR 700 both maximizes the conductivity of copper and minimizes thermal accumulation, for an operational experience compared to the thrill of driving a Formula 1 racing car! Few other units can compete with the close-range roasting experience this micro-roaster affords.

Essentially, a spherical copper barrel, the FZ-RR 700 can be placed on an open flame to operate.

Simple and easy to use.

Dimensions: 7.50" (19.05cm) L x 5.50" (13.97cm) W x 12" (30.48cm) H; Weight: 5lbs (2.268 kg)

The manual operated FZ-RR 700 is suitable for use on a home gas stove. A motorized version of this roaster is not yet available.

Machine capacity: 7.05 oz/200 gm.

Please click here for specifications and usage instructions. Please note: These instructions are for both the motorized (not yet available) and manual models of the FZ-RR 700.

Note: All roasters run the risk of fire hazard. For this reason, take care never to leave your roaster unattended, when in use.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor through Green Beanery.

Type: Roasters

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