Gene Café Coffee Roaster CBR-101 USA


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This roaster incorporates the latest technology acquired through home and overseas patents. The Gene Café can roast 8 oz (225g) batches of green coffee beans to your desired roast level (but do not exceed this capacity).Two dials one for temperature and one for time, simplifies the roasting procedure, which many other roasters complicate. The end result: an outstanding quality of roast and a deep rich flavor.



Mixing type Vortex twisting
Cooling type Indirect hot air (0~23min)
Heating type Indirect hot air (0~23min)
Heating range 190C -250C / 374F -482F
Temp. Control (0-250C/0~482F) By an electronic thermostat
Heater cap 1.200- 1,400 Watt
Power supply 120V


Material Material Heat-resisting tempered glass tube (PYREX)
Capacity Max. 225g/ 8oz
Power consume 1,200 ~ 1,400 Watt
Noise 65dB
Dimensions 383 x 243 x 229 (mm) / 15 x 10 x 9 (inch)
Weight 5.5kg/194oz
Color Black


User's Manual |Roasting guide

Note: All roasters run the risk of fire hazard. For this reason, take care never to leave your roaster unattended, when in use.

For special combinations involving the Gene Caf,click here.

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

Type: Roasters

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