Unroasted - Honduras SHG Marcala Fair Trade Organic


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About the bean

We welcome the return of a new FTO offering from the mighty Pacayal Coffee Cooperative and the Marcala region of west central Honduras, known for its terrific beans.

Pacayal's motto represents the spirit of the indefatigable Honduran coffee farmer: “quality does not suffer crisis.” For Pacayal's 150 small producers (40% of whom are women), the survive-or-die devastation of a leaf rust epidemic in 2012 gave birth to the cooperative in 2013, as part of an effort to help farmers recover and revitalize crops. For Honduran producers, the entire history of the country is a trial against the odds: violence, poverty, hurricanes, poor road access, superstar neighbours (Costa Rica, Guatemala) ... everything that could spook a coffee from reaching the cup, but persistence has paid off. In 2020, Honduras ranked sixth as one of the world's largest coffee-producing nations. Now, that tastes good!

Slay the day with Honduran fuerza


Quick Notes

REGION: Marcala, Honduras
PROCESS: Washed Arabica
CERTIFICATION: Fair Trade Organic
DRYING METHOD: Sun and mechanically dried
ALTITUDE: 1350 – 1700 masl.
BOTANICAL VARIETIES: Catuai, carturra, borbon, pacas, typica, parainema, Ihcafe 90, and lempira
SHG: Strictly High Grown

Taste Test

Go dark, go espresso, go Vienna. Beautifully aromatic (buttery, nut, sweet). Smooth. 

Roast recommendation: To preference for espresso. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.