KLub Classic T3 series - bent top


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This unit has slight shipping damage and is sold As-Is, comes with a 6-month parts warranty. The marketing information below, several years old, may be outdated. 

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The Kedge Klub line from Taiwan boasts Asia's largest market share in espresso machines and for good reason. These machines represent extraordinary value -- top-of-the-line European espresso machine components married to Taiwanese electronics at Asian labor rates. The results are products that in many ways outperform the legendary names of Europe. The independent organization, Espresso Restorations, rated the machine highly for performance and reliability. As for its design, "the Kedge Klub bears a very striking resemblance to the Astoria Divina by CMA which is one of the finest machines I have ever used," said Paul Pratt, the force behind Espresso Restorations. To read his full review of Kedge machines, please see www.espresso-restorations.com.

"Coffee, enriched through design"


  • Three head delivery
  • Programmable buttons for precise water dosages, mutli-function detector
  • Stainless steel heat exchange boiler provides simultaneous espresso and steam
  • Advanced radial group design
  • Manual control for the creative barista
  • Superior thermostatic stability
  • All metal panels
  • and more ....

Advanced radial group design

Kedge's unique radial delivery group head makes sure that the creama is extracted evenly from the ground coffee.

Stainless steel boiler

Guarantees that the water quality meets environmental protection and health standards.

Superior thermostatic stability

Laboratory tests have shown that our stainless steel boiler has superior thermostatic effect compared to traditional copper boilers.

Taiwanese electronics

Taiwan is the heart of electronic design and manufacture. This guarnetees we use the latest and most advance electronics for our machines.

Color: Copper avail. only - see T2 model
(H x W x D)
28" x 38" x 23"
51cm x 96cm x 58cm
Electrical: 220V-240V, 50/60Hz, 6000W
Weight: 185 pounds (84 kg)
Boiler capacity: 4.8 gal (18 liter)
Boiler pressure: 1 to 1.2 bar
Pump pressure: 8 to 9 bar
Water inlet pressure: 1.5 to 5 kg
Portafilter size: 58 mm

About Us

Kedge Co. was founded in 1993, and has constantly been focusing on the design and manufacturing of coffee-related equipment. In order to gain a strong market exposure, Kedge has combined the advanced IC technology and the traditional light industrial production of Taiwan, and has used the strengths of both to design the best products possible for its customers. Kedge has always been committed to the research and design of coffee-related equipment. This strong technological basis has given Kedge a deep understanding of production and market trends. Kedge has gained an unique competitive advantage by combining technology, design, research & development, and production techniques. Several years of commitment to research and to the accumulation of espresso technology has led Kedge in cooperation with the leading global parts manufacturers to commonly develop and provide products of an even higher quality.


KLub's commercial semi-automatic espresso machine originated from the combination of German know-how in fine machinery and Taiwanese Hi-Technology. It is modern in design, functional, user friendly and incorporates the unique stainless steel boiler for the highest quality coffee consumption.


KLub espresso machines can be found in all major cafes, resorts, restaurants and five-star hotels worldwide.


KLub affiliates participate in continuous research and development to accomplish their goal of becoming the leading semi-automatic espresso machine OEM and ODM.
Our motto: "Coffee, enriched through design".

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Water Pipe

Water Pipe Header


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