Kuchenprofi Bake Springform Pan w/ 2 Bases


Sold out. More stock expected soon

The irresistible scent of fresh baked goods fills the kitchen. On the coffee table, the little gems are a feast for the eyes. And then comes the best: the first bite, hm! The Springform BAKE MINI by KÜCHENPROFI is a round thing. Its high-quality steel sheet conducts the heat evenly, the leak-proof floor protects against nasty surprises, the non-stick coating prevents the cake from sticking. The shapes are available in different sizes - from the small circle of friends to the big round. And thanks to two different floors, even a change comes into play: today Gugelhupf, tomorrow, New York Cheese Cake.

Material: sheet steel. With 2 shelves, leak proof. With non-stick sealant. PFOA-free.

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